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Modern Home Renovation in Maple Bay

Our client fell in love with the original 80s style of this house. However, no part of it had been updated since it was built in 1981. Both the style and structure of the home needed to be drastically updated to turn this house into our client’s dream modern home.

The original layout for this home was certainly unique. In addition, there was wall-to-wall carpeting (even in the bathroom!) and a poorly maintained exterior. But, this homeowner saw the potential and contacted Made to Last.

We are also excited to announce that this renovation has transformed this 80s house into a multiple award-winning home, including a major award for Renovator of the Year from the Vancouver Island Building Excellence Awards.

Renovation Details

There were several goals for the Modern Revival home. A new covered parking area, a more appropriate front entry, and a revised layout were all necessary. Therefore, it needed to have square footage added on as well as a complete interior renovation. One of the client’s key goals was to revive the modern 80s style that she grew up loving. Alfresco Living Design and A. Willie Design worked with Made to Last to help the client find creative solutions to their goals.

The unique rock-cut location and steep driveway give this home a very custom feel but limited the design possibilities. Altering the front entrance to meet the client’s goals was challenging due to a number of factors. Placing the front door at an angle was a creative solution. As a result, it offered a distinctive entryway.

The upper third floor of this home is dedicated to the master suite. The original ensuite took up 255 sq. ft. of space. By maintaining plumbing near the same previous locations, we created a luxurious and modern ensuite in half the space. The majority of the windows in this home were replaced in order to modernize to today’s standards. A wall of windows in the master bedroom helps to create the feeling of a retreat.

More Details

Other aspects of the renovation project include:

  • The existing deck was completely replaced and expanded.
  • We built a new roof system for the house to address venting, drainage, and roof failure issues.
  • The existing vertical cedar siding was repaired and matched for the addition areas, and then painted forest green to blend in with the natural environment.

This project was a true revival of a relic from a previous time. The renovated house now stands as a true benefit to the Maple Bay neighbourhood in the Cowichan Valley. It has also recently been recognized as a winner in the Canadian Home Builder’s Association’s Georgie Awards competition and has been declared a finalist in the National Awards for Housing Excellence. We also won Renovator of the Year through the Vancouver Island Building Excellence Awards. It was a pleasure to support our client in creating her new award-winning dream home.


2021 National Awards for Housing Excellence

  • (Finalist) Best Whole Home Renovation – $400,001 to $600,000

2021 BC Georgie Awards

  • Best Residential Renovation $300,000 – $499,999
  • Best Master Suite Up To $100,000

Read the full Press Release here.

  • Best Residential Renovation $300,000 and Over
  • Renovator of the Year

Read the full Press Release here.

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