“Everything in our home speaks to quality of workmanship and materials, and attention to detail inside and out.”

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Genoa Bay Custom Home

As an interior designer, I have been party to several new builds for clients, but to be honest, have never had the courage to build a home of my own. I had heard horror stories about the stress involved in a new build, not to mention witnessing it as a designer.

The market being what it was, however, a new build was the only option we had.

My husband and I are all about doing our “due diligence.” We didn’t pick the first builder to whom we spoke. We interviewed several after seeking referrals from locals, and we called references. In the end, we chose Made to Last Custom Homes. I could say it was because of their glowing references, but I’m a realist—no one puts a bad reference on their resume. Rather we chose Made to Last because we followed our (my) gut instinct. I just had a feeling about them. I believed they wouldn’t let me down—and that was/is really important in a world where we find ourselves often disappointed.

I’m not going to say that the build was without challenges. The key is how those challenges were managed. We could always count on Steven Fitzpatrick to discuss any issues that arose, and he always made it right, even when it affected his bottom line. Steven and Matt Buckle (our project manager) were never ones to point the finger at anyone else, but rather took accountability—another rare trait these days.

One of the most challenging aspects of any new build relates to financing and restrictive draw schedules from banks. In order to manage any potential conflict, I provided Steven with our draw schedule at the outset, and always kept the lines of communication open. If there was going to be a delay in payment, I called Steven and explained it. He was always understanding and reasonable, and I appreciated the fact that we were able to discuss matters with civility and mutual respect.

The list of how Steven Fitzpatrick, Matt Buckle, and the Made to Last team went above and beyond is long. Suffice it to say, my gut was right—we weren’t disappointed. The Made to Last team delivered our forever home, and we are absolutely in love with it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Made to Last Custom Homes to anyone, and in fact, am very much looking forward to working with them on future projects with my clients.

Thank you, Steven, Matt, and everyone else at Made to Last for giving us our dream home!

Andrea Burrell


Bare Point Custom Home

Made to Last built our custom home in Chemainus in 2018-19. We were thrilled to have the project completed on time and under budget.

Made to Last is a rare builder that offers best-estimate budgeting (as opposed to many builders who will estimate low, with the expectation that the project will ultimately run over budget), excellent customer service (including many helpful tips and suggestions throughout the project), and first-rate quality. All of the MTL team and subcontractors were professional and supportive, and delivered excellent work.

The result for us is a beautiful home that works perfectly for our family and that will stand the test of time. We highly recommend Made to Last and are excited to work with them again in the future.

Patrick McNary


Thetis Transformation

We feel very fortunate to have chosen Made to Last to renovate our gulf island home. Our experience with Made to Last exceeded all of our expectations.

From our earliest discussions about renovating, to budgeting, to finalizing the finishing touches, the experience was fun, satisfying, and collaborative.

Our project, located in the gulf islands, posed some unique challenges, but each hurdle was tackled with careful thought, enthusiasm, efficiency, and skill. Our project manager was exceptional, and the entire team was simply fun to work with.

MTL engages exceptional trades, and each of the trades worked seamlessly with our project manager and MTL team. No details were overlooked. We didn’t engage an interior design professional, and each of MTL and the trades were super helpful in guiding us with ideas and recommendations. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

We have no reservations in strongly recommending the Made to Last team.

Chris Kelsey

Exterior of fully renovated home

Emandare Vineyard Guest House

We couldn’t be happier with the experience and professionalism of the team at Made To Last. They truly went above and beyond our expectations while making our dream come true with this build.

Practically speaking, we were so impressed with their attention to detail and their ability to keep transparent communication with us as a priority every step of the way. Whether it was design decisions, or how the budget was panning out, we felt confident in how well they kept us informed. A truly professional company built on character and integrity. We will recommend them over and over.

Mike Nierychlo


Georgia Park Heights Custom Home

We were extremely impressed with the quality of work and professionalism of Made to Last Homes. They were a joy to work with in building our home.

We were looking for a builder that could fulfill our vision. We have a very strong design sense. We wanted to be sure our builder would fulfill everything we expected in the outcome. There are really three key pillars to hinge on in terms of making your choice of builder: time, budget and quality. Made to Last brought the whole project in on time for us. With their BuilderTrend program the owner has complete control over budgeting and it came in exactly where we anticipated. The quality speaks for itself. We love our home.

Karen McInnis and Lane Dorsch

Custom home background with homeowners and builder

Maple Bay Custom Rancher

Made to Last has built our custom-designed new home and we are thrilled with the results. Everything in our home speaks to the quality of workmanship and materials, and attention to detail inside and out.

We chose Steve over other bidders as we were initially impressed with his knowledge, honesty, and integrity. All of this proved to be true over the coming months. We were always included in decisions, and he has a good sense of design and worked well with our designer. He was flexible with changes, which came often, and he has a great team including subcontractors.

We highly recommend Made to Last.

Susan & Mark


Modern Revival

I was looking for a builder that was professional, ethical, had good history in the Cowichan Valley, was reputable, and was a company I could connect with and that came highly recommended.

I still walk into my house and think “I wouldn’t change a thing.” I’ve recommended Made to Last to everybody. They will listen and they will give you exactly what you are looking for.

Jad Beckett

Modern Revival dark exterior, flat roof

Mill Bay Rancher

Made to Last exceeded my expectations in building our home. I was able to trust the quality of their work and management, despite building from afar.

I definitely recommend Made to Last and hope to use them in the future!

Clinton Alexander


Thetis Island Oceanfront Renovation

Having moved from Winnipeg in retirement to Thetis Island in 2009 to attend Capernwray Bible School, we purchased the cabin we were renting in 2010. Since then we have been planning a major renovation. In 2012 we met Steven and his wife Nicole at a trade show in Duncan.

We started interviewing contractors for the project, and in the fall of 2012 we decided that Made to Last was the right company for the job. We decided that we would start the project at the end of May 2013. Steven was part of the planning process from the beginning and was willing to work with the designer and other professionals we had hired. Every one of them spoke very highly of Steven as well.

Once the project started, there was never any doubt that we had made the right choice. The project was agreed upon to be a cost plus basis, and Steven and his crew never spent any extra money without first consulting with us. The quality of the workmanship is first class, as are all his workers and his sub-trades. Would I hire him again? Yes, without a doubt. From a financial point of view, he gave us statements every two weeks showing wages, expenditures, etc. and balances showing credits or debts. Steven is a man of his word and one of the most honest business people that I have met in a long time. He is also a very caring and loving family man. We have come to know his wife and family and consider them more than just business contacts. Feel free to contact us at any time.

A very happy customer,
Rodney & Myrna


Saltair Custom Home

Steven from Made to Last Custom Homes was very responsive both during and after construction of my new home. He answered all questions quickly and in detail. If he didn’t know the answer, he wouldn’t guess, but find out and get back to me.

He did this a number of times and never forgot to get back to me. This impressed me. He handled the usual last-minute changes professionally and thoroughly.

His sub-trades obviously cared about their work and took pride in doing a great job. They were friendly and helpful when I showed up on site.

When we did the final walk-through, the building inspector was present and was very complimentary toward Steven and his crew. There were no issues, not even minor ones.

Steven has been just as responsive after closing as he was during construction. He arranged for the exterior painting to be finished as soon as the weather permitted.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Steven from Made to Last Custom Homes to anyone looking for a housing contractor.


Ladysmith Renovation

We are very happy with the work they do! They are very responsive to questions, and upfront with all the billing and pricing. We had no concerns about what we were paying for and the staff was very respectful. They are a great team and they have provided us with a beautiful end product.


Lakeside Modern Farmhouse

We are currently building a home with Made to Last and so far they have exceeded all of our expectations.

Their communication and professionalism is more than impressive, and make what would normally be a hard process of building a home, very easy for their clients. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would.

Brittany MacPherson

modern farmhouse kitchen grey cabinetry

Driftwood Custom Home

We can’t say enough about our experience with Made to Last, Andy and Jacob continue to exceed our expectations as the build of our new custom home continues.

Very detailed team of people who take great pride in their work and their relationship with their customers!

Jenifer Blackhurst



The team at Made to Last have the network of best sub-trades, experience dealing with the challenges of building, great design ideas, positive approach to completing projects, and the ability to deal with the roller coaster of building in today’s dynamic economy.

We completed one of the most difficult builds in the Cowichan Valley and we were only able to do this with the help of Matt T, Andy R, and the whole team at Made to Last. Our home is beautiful, functional and very well built. Highly recommend this builder!

Nicholas Yaremchuk

Highbank exterior progress


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