Cowichan Valley oceanfront home


Designed by G. T. Burdge Designs, Highbank is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom oceanfront home located on a steep lot overlooking the mouth of Cowichan Bay. Our homeowners originally purchased the neighbouring home and the empty lot beside it where we are now constructing Highbank. Over ten years ago, they sold the neighbouring home, but kept the empty lot with the dream of building a custom home in the future.

Our team worked with the homeowners to redesign the initial plans for Highbank. There are various restrictions and challenges presented by the steep Cowichan Bay lot. This includes a very tight area within which the house could be placed.  Made to Last was able to offer a number of suggestions to improve the functionality and beauty of the home.

The finished home will be 3,253 sq. ft. over three storeys. The rear elevation facing the ocean will have plenty of windows and glass doors to capture the incredible views of Genoa Bay and Salt Spring Island. There is plenty of storage space planned for this family custom home, including spacious closets. The middle level is the main floor of the home, providing Living Room, eating area, Kitchen, and the client’s personal Studio space.  Bedrooms and a Recreation Room fill the upper and lower floors. Thinking ahead, our clients have planned for laundry for both the upper floor and the lower floor of Highbank.


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