We live in a digital world. Everything is connected, accessible, and easily stored. Your home building or remodelling experience should be just as effortless. The best contractors use digital tools and platforms to keep your project running smoothly, on time and on budget. The industry gold standard among these tools is BuilderTrend.

At Made to Last, we use BuilderTrend to provide our clients with a homebuilding experience that is more organized and less stressful. We set our clients up with their own profiles on BuilderTrend. This grants them access to all the details of their homes. There are several advantages our clients experience by having online access to the building process.

Scheduling and Updates

No one likes guessing or feeling in the dark about such an important purchase. All of our clients have their own Project Manager who personally handles all of the details of their build. Our Project Managers can use BuilderTrend to keep you informed of progress updates, including images, of what was done in a day. Our clients also have the advantage of knowing who is doing what and when. Made to Last’s Project Managers create detailed schedules to organize the entire build process from groundwork to finishing. This ensures everything moves efficiently. The schedule and any changes are available for our clients to view whenever and wherever they desire.

Selections in BuilderTrend

There are many choices to be made when building a home, and the experience can seem overwhelming. In BuilderTrend, we offer recommendations for suppliers for all of the selections you need to make in order to complete your home. We set up due dates and reminders so that our clients know what choices they need to make, and when their choices are due. Our clients can input their selections in BuilderTrend and keep a record of all of their choices all in one place.

BuilderTrend helps us offer a faster, more reliable and better construction experience than companies that do not offer a digital collaboration solution. When choosing a builder for your home, be sure to ask what digital tools they offer to improve your experience and save you time, money and stress.

You can read more about Made to Last and how we do homebuilding differently here.


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