When Bare Point Custom Home began construction in 2018, the homeowners always planned to complete a future project. The goal was to add to the home and renovate a portion of the existing home after a few years.

The original build focused on affordability. But, an addition that would include a secondary suite and garage was always the hope. In 2022, our clients are realizing that dream. Made to Last is excited to be helping them once again as they develop their beautiful oceanfront property.

The existing home we built offers privacy and idyllic ocean views. It takes advantage of everything the unique and beautiful property offers. Careful planning and construction ensured the home offered breathtaking views from every room. Bare Point Custom Home has an open-concept design and plenty of large windows. The homeowners even tackled the interior design themselves. The exterior choices reflect a West Coast Modern style and scenic waterfront location.

The new project includes the addition as well as a small amount of existing custom home renovation.

The addition will add 1,486 sq. ft. of new living space. The upper level includes a 960 sq. ft. secondary suite. The suite will have 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a full kitchen.

Similar to the original home, this addition will take advantage of the scenery. Large windows will offer plenty of natural light and ocean views. Also, a new deck will provide covered space for a private retreat. A split level will offer 177 sq. ft. of shared space for both dwellings, along with a stairwell leading to the new suite.

The lower level of this addition will have a large garage for the main home. There will also be a new homework area for the family’s kids to enjoy and a fitness gym with a glass rolling door to an exterior workout area.  Each new space takes advantage of the ocean views.

The layout of the addition, along with the exterior choices, have been carefully matched to the existing home. And while each space captures ocean views, very little privacy has been lost thanks to careful design.


The homeowners had this to say about the renovation and addition process so far: “We really appreciate the quality of the work all around – both the construction and how Made to Last is so organized and professional. We’re very happy with how things are going and excited to see the end product.”

Check back to this page often to see pictures of this new custom home renovation take shape.



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