1. Know Your Numbers

Financing is an important aspect when building your dream home.  At Made to Last, with our accurate and detailed estimates, we work with your bank to simplify the process for payments and ensure that you are fully aware of all costs and spending. If you need help securing a mortgage, we can recommend a mortgage broker for you. In addition to securing financing, it is important to determine if you can afford to build the home you want. We have a great article here that can help you estimate the cost to build your custom home.

At Made to Last, all invoicing will include receipts for everything that goes into your home. You are in control of the budget from start to finish. You get to choose the products that you want and products that fit within your budget. We provide a budget tracking document bi-weekly so you can see how your project is progressing financially. Our approach to budgeting and budget tracking is ultra-transparent and unmatched by others.

2. Have You Purchased Your Site?

If you have not yet purchased a site for your home, we will be happy to refer you to a local realtor. If you are debating between one or more lots and need insight into which lot will work best for the home you are planning, we can offer insight to help you with your decision. Some things to keep in mind if you have not already purchased your lot:

  • Choosing a lot that has minimal trees to be cleared on the location where your home will be built can help to save you money.
  • Choosing a lot with a low sloping or level building site can also help reduce cost.
  • If you are looking for a lot in a rural area, try to find one that already has a well and septic system in place. This can save you some major costs.

3. Designing And Planning Your Home

Do You Have A Designer? 

Made to Last works with several architectural and interior designers, and we will match you to the individuals who best suit your project. If you have already hired your designers, we are very happy to work with them as well. Having Made to Last involved in the design process can save you money. Our experienced team can also offer suggestions to make your home more comfortable and to protect your investment.

We go above the industry standard to ensure your design is exactly what you want by:

  • Staying in touch throughout the design process.
  • Conducting on-site meetings with you and your designers to go over details.
  • Reviewing plans and getting engineered plans made if necessary.

Most importantly, a design plan lays out the living space and conforms to local building codes. An engineered set of plans verifies that all the structural requirements and seismic codes are in place. These engineered plans make sure your home design not only looks great but is structurally made to last.

Think Green

Energy-efficient designs and inclusions can lower your annual energy costs and minimize your carbon footprint. Some popular considerations when designing a home:

  • Solar panels.
  • Position windows in the home to maximize light.
  • Consider a greywater or rain barrel gardening system.
  • Increased insulation.
  • Heat pumps and Heat Recovery Ventilators.

We are excited to be a part of the Cowichan Valley’s first CHBA certified Net Zero Home! Read more about it here.

Consider Resale Value

Resale value may be one of the last things on your mind when building a custom home. However, if the home you are planning to build isn’t your forever home, you may want to consider what a potential buyer would appreciate in a home. This will help protect the future of your investment. It is also important to consider the area you are building in. Make sure when planning your home that luxurious and unique features won’t overprice your home for the neighborhood. Ask yourself: will these features appeal to others?

Contact Made to Last today to begin building your own custom home. Made to Last can deliver the quality you deserve and expect, on budget and on time.

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